The last straw?

Mojo is a maker of kombucha, a variety of sparkling fermented tea. For World Environment Day on June 5, Mojo kickstarted a new environmental initiative – the Mojo Straw Amnesty – in an effort to reduce plastic straw waste.

The company asked its stockists to “surrender” their plastic straw packs, and in return they would receive a free case of a Mojo product.

This comes at a time when the European Commission has urged a reduction in the use of single-use plastics, tabling a report on May 28 outlining plastics’ “toxic” and “harmful” impacts.

“Single-use plastic straws are a blight on the environment and an unnecessary waste,” Mr Buttery said. “Around the world, businesses are recognising that there has to be a better way.”

“Reducing straw waste is something Mojo believes in passionately. We already have a zero-waste to landfill production facility, we bottle only in fully recyclable glass and we’ve been shifting our printing, where possible, to soy or vegetable-based inks and 100 per cent recycled paper – and we’re determined to do even more for the environment.”

In similar news, on the eve of World Environment Day, Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci made a number of announcements at an industry sustainability event hosted at the Group’s Support Office in Sydney.

Among these was phasing out the sale of plastic straws by the end of 2018, saving 134 million plastic straws from going into circulation each year.

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