Shine+ to launch new 400ml range in all Caltex Star Marts

Australian-owned health drink company shine+ has announced this week the national launch of a new 400ml range, available in all 650+ Caltex Star Mart stores.

Following a successful trial, the new range has a Wild Tropical flavour and joins the original Fiery Ginger Lemon-Lime 110ml version, which was first launched 18 months ago.

“After we saw the overwhelming positive response to our first drink, the 110ml smart shot, we asked our customers what they wanted to see next,” Company founder and CEO Steve Chapman said. “The two things we heard consistently were ‘make it bigger’ and ‘make something for the fridges’. I’m humbled by the response to the 400ml, which has been even more positive than we originally planned for.”

The new 400ml glass-bottled range will be rolling out into existing stockists over the coming months following the exclusivity in Caltex Start Mart and comes in three strengths: bright (caffeine free), brighter (clear) and brightest (black). Individual prices for the proclaimed ‘smart drink’ range from $5.90 to $6.50, while packs of 12 can be ordered online.

Shine+ says its drinks, which contain ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, turmeric, green gea, L-theanine, green coffee beans and natural B vitamins, “ensure sustained mental clarity and concentration without the well-known ‘caffeine-crash’ or sugar crash”.

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